Borg Examples: The sieve of erathostenes

ObjectSieve.borg - Illustrates how we can change the behaviour of an object. In this example the behavioyur of the prime-filters is changed after initialisation.
AgentSieve.borg - An illustration how to build a sieve of Eratosthenes in an agent/actor oriented fasion (based on the ObjectSieve example). This example illustrates how to spawn new agents with the agentclone operator.
DistributedAgentSieve.borg - The above AgentSieve but distributed over different processors. Please change the machines matrix at the top of the file before executing this piece of code. Instead of the agentclone operator, clone2agent is used.
JumpingSieve.borg - The above Distributed AgentSieve but now every sieve-cell jumps from machine to machine after handling one data entry. This example is available to test the message delivery services.